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Staghorn Kokedama

"Kokedama" is the Japanese style of potting a plant in a ball of sphagnum moss, usually suspending it to be displayed in a particularly unique fashion. This staghorn fern kokedama is an excellent option for the plant lover who is running out of shelf space, or who has pets and children from which they'd like to keep plants separate (although, this fern is pet and kid safe!). This plant will grow best in a bright filtered light location. Watering is recommended twice weekly; fully submerge the moss ball in tepid water for approximately 15 seconds, allow to drip dry, then return the plant to it's hanging space. 

Please Note: We may not be able to replicate this arrangement exactly. If required, we will use our best seasonal flowers, plants, and containers to create a similar look and feel.

  • $35.00