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Voracious Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Traps are a fascinating and fun option for someone who is keen to provide a carnivorous plant with the correct care. Native to bogs, these plants are grown in sphagnum moss (not soil), and require a bright filtered light and consistently moist conditions. They are sensitive to water quality, so use of distilled or filtered water at room temperature is key. The 'traps' emit an enzyme that attract bugs; although, contrary to popular belief, these plants are not heavy feeders, so actively feeding the traps is not necessary. These neat little guys comes in a 3" growers pot, with a plastic cover (not pictured) to contain humidity. 

Please Note: We may not be able to replicate this arrangement exactly. If required, we will use our best seasonal flowers, plants, and containers to create a similar look and feel. 

  • $20.00