• 7" Round Mixed Planter - Plants Saskatoon
  • 9" Oblong Mixed Planter - Plants Saskatoon

Gardening Love

Two size and container colour options of rustic garden mixed planters offer the best of both the flower and plant world! The colourful mix of flowering plants and tropical foliage plants is sure to bring joy to someone who likes to tend to an indoor garden. These plants will grow best in a bright filtered light, and have moderate watering needs. A blooming fertilizer can be used to help stimulate future reflowering. 

Slightly Smaller (7" round) $45

Slightly Larger (9" oblong) $50

Please Note: We may not be able to replicate this arrangement exactly. If required, we will use our best seasonal flowers, plants, and containers to create a similar look and feel.

  • $45.00