• Plants For Your Workspace

    Learn about the benefits of having plants in your workspace, and which plants might be a suitable choice for an office. Administrative Professionals Week is April 22-26 - consider showing your appreciation with a gifted plant! View Post
  • How to Assess Lighting for Plants

    How can you tell if an area in your space gets Bright Light, Bright Filtered Light, or Low Light? What's the difference? Use this guide to help assess lighting so you can set your plants up for success! View Post
  • Mealybugs

    Learn about mealybugs and how to treat them! View Post
  • Does My Plant Need Repotting?

    How do you know when it's time to repot your houseplant? Should you repot a plant if it's showing signs of stress and suffering? Here's our hot take! View Post
  • Oxalis Plant Care

    Read about the care of the Oxalis plant, commonly referred to as a Shamrock plant. They require slightly higher maintenance care, due to their watering needs, but they are worth the effort to enjoy their prolific flowering and unique characteristics! View Post
  • General Plant Maintenance

    Here's a quick list of ways to maintain your plants to keep them happy and healthy! Follow along for more detailed information on plant care. View Post

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