General Plant Maintenance

This Week, for Plant Tip Tuesday...

We love plants here at Bill’s!  We love them so much that we have an intense quality control system, and we’re masters at plant maintenance. 

Having plants in your space is tremendously beneficial, however having suffering or dying plants can be more detrimental than having no plants at all.

Plants are living and growing, and with a little regular care they will continue to enhance your environment as well as improve your mood and well-being.  As well, healthy plants can add life to a sterile environment and have the potential to improve indoor air quality.

Regular plant maintenance includes:

  • Consistent watering
  • Topdressing
  • Aerating Soil
  • Fertilizer schedule
  • Dusting leaves
  • Removing any dead or dying plant material
  • Evaluating repotting needs
  • Identifying any Insects or Insect damage

So turn on some good tunes or your favorite podcast and spend some quality time with your plant friends!