Bird Of Paradise Plant Care

This week for Plant Tip Tuesday...

We know many of you have been eyeing up the large Bird of Paradise plants every time you visit our store, but let’s be honest - it’s a big purchase, and not everyone has the space to accommodate an established 3 gallon plant. 

But we’ve got good news! We have both 4” and 6” Birds of Paradise in the store right now. 

These tropical beauties will grow best in bright light, and appreciate consistent soil moisture. Mist and wipe the leaves regularly to prevent insects like spider mites, and don’t worry too much when you see the ends of the leaves splitting - this is a normal occurrence that even happens in the wild. 

Bird of Paradise can be vigorous growers with large root systems, so consider repotting every 2 years, and why not pick up some blooming fertilizer while you’re here. These plants are heavy feeders, and love frequent fertilizing throughout the growing months, March - October. 

Once these plants reach maturity, you could see the exotic and popular orange or white flowers that these plants produce!