Philodendron Brasil

This week, for Plant Tip Tuesday...

We are featuring the eye-catching Philodendron Brasil! Who doesn’t love a cute variegation?

This cultivar is believed to be a naturally occurring mutation of the Philodendron hederaceum, and lucky for us the Brasil’s mutation has stabilized and is able to be passed down through generations.

This plant is native to South America, and the stunning green and yellow leaves resemble the Brazilian Flag, hence their common name.

Although they are from tropical regions they have adapted very well to being grown as a house plant.

With consistent care Brasils can be quite a vigorous grower!  They can be trained on a moss poll or trellis, or their cheerful foliage can be left to gracefully trail downwards.

They appreciate a bright filtered light and a well-drained soil mix.  They have moderate watering needs and prefer to dry slightly in between watering without going too dry.

Mild fertilizer during the growing season will help to keep that spectacular variegation vibrant.

The Philodendron Brasil is a captivating addition to any plant collection!