Plant Moms

This week, for Plant Tip Tuesday...

We're talking about Plant Moms - and we don't mean all you plant collectors out there! We're referring to the plants that have the ability to asexually propagate, creating a genetic clone of themselves, referred to as, "pups", "offshoots", or "plantlets".

'Vegetative Reproduction' can naturally occur under two circumstances:

  • When environmental conditions are perfect (an abundance of light, water, and nutrients)
  • When a plant is stressed it will make a final attempt to carry on it's lineage before it dies

Examples of plants that propagate by vegetative reproduction:

  • bromeliad
  • aloe vera
  • hens and chicks
  • african violet 
  • pilea peperomioides 
  • spider plants
  • phalaenopsis orchids

Death of a mother plant following reproduction is normal for some plant species. Like in the bromeliad family. It happens very slowly, but it's the mother plant's way to avoid taking nutrition from her plantlet.

Some plants on the other hand, will continue to grow alongside their young. This means it's especially important to provide growing plant families with consistent care and fertilizer. If needs are not being met, the mother plant may suffer and fade as she sacrifices her energy to her more vital offshoots.

Once established, plant pups can be separated from their mothers and potted on their own. Need help separating and repotting your plant moms and babes? Come visit us in the shop or give us a call!